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About myself


As to the "facts":

  • was born in 1974

  • studied French and math at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

  • studied economical informatics at the College of Finance and Accountancy

  • teacher at the mathematics department of the College of Finance and Accountancy

  • different positions at one telecommunications company, mainly as a group manager

  • Humanistic Astrology School, student and later teacher

  • psychology workshops, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Non-violent communication, life- and business coach

  • consultations, therapies, lectures and trainings - as a freelancer, since 2007

  • 2016: life and business coach

  • 2017 - : Károli Gáspár University, psychology



And if you'd like some story as well. :)


I found out what to become as an adult when I was seven. To be honest, I'd had some ideas before, but what I figured out at the age of seven, still has a relevance. This was teaching.


Since then it has changed a little bit, but the main points - transferring information, giving rise to thoughts, following people's changing processes - remained. And later interest in the human soul and psyche was added to them.


After secondary school, being led by the desire to teach, I went to university, to learn math and French, and later economics. I got the possibility to become a math teacher at the College of  Finance and Accountancy for 4 years and I liked it very much.


Then I moved to another city because of private reasons and gave up teaching for a while - I started to work for a telecommunication company. I spent more than 5 years working for them and learnt a lot about myself, others, people in general and business environment.


I left this company more than 10 years ago and since then I have been following a different path.


What interests me the most are the deeper dynamics that lie under the level of our everyday life. For example: why can we not achieve things we would like so much, why do we block ourselves just before the finish line, why do we keep going round and round the same, not too progressing circles. I have been searching and exploring these depths for the last few years, and while working with many clients and cases, my eye for this became shaper and sharper. 


I got most of my astrology knowledge in the Humanistic Astrology school in Budapest (since 2003), where I also worked later as a teacher. At that time I already worked with clients, too, and during this time, I learnt a lot in theory (for example psychology workshops) and in practice - I myself spread Non-violent communication in the form of trainings and I also use it in my individual work.


I had also known for a while that one day there would be a method which is individual and developed by me. And there it was: at the beginning of 2010, after a many-day-long fast (which I actually do quite rarely) Astrofocus-therapy occurred in my head. All what I had learnt and experienced, was integrated in this method. Therefore I have been focusing my attention mostly on this for the last 2 years (almost 500 hours of therapy by now).


And I myself keep going along my own self-knowledge and changing paths, so my work is based on practical experience, too. I believe I can do the most for the world if I show you what is so important for me and what helps me live my life in a higher quality.



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