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Welcome to my webpage! 


I am glad that you came to "visit" me.



  • you are looking for understanding, answers to smaller or bigger, maybe even grinding questions in your life, or

  • you think it's time to work yourself through your problems, to solve, to let them go, or

  • you would like to improve one of your relationships, so that it can bring more joy in your life,

then you are at the right place.



Who am I? My name is Dóra Kocsis, and I live in Budapest, Hungary.


I worked 5 years for a multinational company, and learnt a lot about myself, others, people and business environment.


Since then I have chosen a new path to go on.  Now I spend my days with activities that mean joy, challenge and the possibility of personal growth to me. And I always become very enthusiastic, when I see that I can contribute to the raising of the quality of somebody's life.


I have a special mission of bringing closer these three approaches:

  • spirituality and esoteric teachings (some people consider them too mystical),

  • psychology (which is more scientific), and

  • rationality.


And back to you:


Each problem in someone's life is individual. More precisely, problems can seem similar (do you sometimes hear "you should have got over this by now"? or people just simply don't understand how you can still be stuck at the same place? or do you sometimes get an advice from others about how to manage your life?).


In fact, NOBODY so far has solved a concrete problem with your personality, your energetic pattern and your antecedents. Therefore if you solve any problem, even if it seems unimportant,  it adds something to the universe! 


Saint Therese of Lisieux said: do not necessarily try to achieve big things, handle small things well.


I also try to live my life with this mentality, and I believe I can do the most for the world if:

1. I solve my problems as well :)

2. I support YOU in similar aspirations



I hope you find something inspiring here. If yes, I look forward to thinking together with you.



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