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Improving the quality of our relationships

with the help of Nonviolent Communication and Humanistic Astrology


Although this page is not only for couples, I would like to begin it with a quotation from Tom Robbins: "We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love."


And yes, what we do for a relationship will determine much the quality of it.


If you have problems or conflicts with a person, and if you are both open to work on it, then your chances will be twice bigger and the time needed for the change will probably be half shorter.


First you will come together, to explore the problem. Then I will meet you separately, so that you can both get empathy and attention. Then we meet together again and I will help you hear each other's needs. When we are involved in a question, then we often feel so much pain that we are incapable of really hearing each other - someone impartial can be at our help in such a situation. And once everyone has been heard, it is not so difficult to find the solutions.


When the conflict is part of a recurrent pattern between you it is advisable to have a look at your natal charts (only in the presence of both of you), to see how your astrological energies meet and to explore what activates a chain-reaction between your ego-states which finally results in an unpleasant outcome. Therefore you get the possibility to understand each other's deeper motivation and this can increase your tolerance and gives you a chance to make a change.


We can also decide to do an AstroFocus-therapy, in this case it is necessary to have (at least one) goal in common, that you are willing to work for. You can read more about AstroFocus-therapy here.


And once again: it is not only for couples! Friends, colleagues, siblings have already worked with me.


If the other person cannot or would not come, we can still work on the issue. I can listen to you and I can tell you what needs the other person probably has. (We cannot talk about his natal chart in his absence.) I can also tell you practical ideas about how to handle the conflict next time.


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